10 Google Search Tips to Use Google More Efficiently

1. Use the tabs

On the top of every search are a number of tabs. Usually you’ll see Web, Image, News, and More. Using these tabs, you can help define what kind of search you need to do. If you need images, use the Image tab. If you are looking for a recent news article, use the News tab. They can cut search times dramatically if utilized properly.

2. Use Google search to do math

Google search can actually do math for you. This is a rather complex one to describe because it can be used in so many ways. You can ask it basic questions or some more difficult ones.It is important to note that it won’t solve all math problems, but it will solve a good number of them. it can do math, but it can also help you solve math problems by showing values for known mathematical terms.

3. Search for multiple words at once

Google search is flexible. It knows you may not find what you want by searching only a single word or phrase. Thus, it lets you search for multiples. By using this trick, you can search for one word or phrase along with a second word or phrase. This can help narrow down your search to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Search a range of numbers

Searching for a range of numbers is another tip we don’t anticipate a lot of people using. The people that do use it, though, will probably use it quite a bit. Use two dots and a number to let Google search know you’re looking for a specific range of numbers.

5. Gradually add search terms

There will come a time when Google search doesn’t shovel out the results you expect.As Google itself suggests, the best method is to start with something simple then gradually get more complicated.Millions of websites phrase the same information in a number of different ways; using this technique lets you search as many of them as possible to find the best info.

6. Spelling doesn’t necessarily matter

Google search has gotten a lot smarter over the years. These days, you don’t even need to spell words correctly.If you search “Nver Gna Gve Yo Up” Google will automatically assume you mean to search for “Never Gonna Give You Up.” If by chance your misspelling was intentional, Google gives you the option to search for the misspelled term instead.It can also be helpful when searching for obscure words. This applies to capitalization and grammar as well.

7. Search by Voice

Google allows you to make voice searches. If you’re browsing Google on its Chrome browser or using Google application on Android or iOS, then you can click on the Microphone button and directly speak to Google what you’re looking for, and it shows the results after receiving the input from you.

8. Customize your Search Settings

Google lets you customize search settings to tailor the search results for you. You can customize your search settings by visiting the search settings page. Safe Search can be used to block explicit results,you can set instant predictions, the number of results shown per page, and your language and location to get more personalized results and recommendations.

9. Search the Web by Specific Country, Time or Location

Search tools  bring you filtering options to filter the search results based on various criteria like country, time, or location. This helps you research better, and lets you search for news or local content based on your location or country. It’s a very convenient way to filter out bad search results.

10. Browse Offline Websites

Cache can be used to browse websites that aren’t online for a while due to server problems. Google keeps cached copies of the web pages browsed by its crawler, and that’s why you can browse them even if their server is down as the cached pages are loaded from Google.

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