Dalgona coffee

Step-by-step guide to making the perfect version of this trendy, indulgent whipped coffee

How To

1. Combine instant coffee granules, sugar and boiling water in a bowl. Mix with a milk wizz, egg beater or whisk for about 1 minute. Put ice into your glass, and add milk. Add the whipped coffee on top of the milk.

2. If your coffee is nice and stiff you can add it to your milk in a swirling motion to get a nice ice-cream peak.

The coffee and sugar are mixed with hot water to form an intensely flavoured but aerated whipped coffee that can form in a peak. Your drink could be hot, but using iced milk seems to work better because you can also see a distinct layer between the milk and the whipped coffee. Sometimes you may see it referred to as “whipped coffee, “frothy coffee” or “fluffy coffee”.

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