Marshall Minor III

Meet Minor III and experience Marshall signature sound without the clutter. Enjoy 25 hours of wireless playtime and the freedom of listening without wires with none of the compromise on sound.

Minor III is truly wireless, giving you the absolute freedom of listening without wires, while delivering the same powerful audio. Minor III comes with Bluetooth 5.2. With 12 mm custom-tuned drivers (93 dB SPL (179 mV @ 1 kHz)), delivering a loud and crisp sound minor III will blow your mind.

Minor III comes with mirrored touch-sensitive earbuds, so you can use either one to control your music and phone calls. Removing and inserting an earbud also initiates the auto-pause and -play feature. Minor III packs 25 total hours of wireless playtime to keep you moving. The earbuds hold 5 hours and the portable charging case carries four additional charges so you can slip the earbuds into the case for some extra power when needed. You can easily charge the case wirelessly or with a USB-C cable.

1.5 hours to recharge earbuds, 2 hours to recharge case.


Minor III true wireless headphones, Charging case, USB-C charging cable, User manual, and legal and safety information.

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