5 Tips to avoid hair fall

Hair fall is one of the most common problems worldwide; affecting one-third of the population. Everyone loses 100 hair stands each day.
It is a natural phenomenon; so there‚Äôs is no need to worry over a few follicles falling off. Here are some tips for you to avoid them…

1. Regularly wash your hair with mild shampoo

Regular hair washing is a part of preventing hair loss by the way of keeping hair and scalp clean. Doing so, you are lowering the risk of infections and dandruff that may lead to hair breakage or loss.

2. Vitamin for hair loss

Vitamins are not only healthy for overall well being but also good for your hair. Vitamin A encourages healthy production of sebum in the scalp. So eat vitamins or foods containing them.

3. Garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice

Rub one of the juices on your scalp, leave it overnight and wash it out in the morning. Do it regularly for a week and you will see noticeable result.

4. Reduce alcoholic beverages & smoking

If you are experiencing hair loss then lessen your alcohol intake because drinking alcohol reduces hair growth. So decrease or eliminate alcohol to see an increase in hair growth. Smoking cigarettes reduces the amount of blood that flows to the scalp and this causes a reduction in hair growth.

5. Physical activity

Make time for physical activity every day for 30 minutes a day helps balance hormonal levels, reducing stress levels besides reducing hair fall.

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