The new Android R features

Android R has been spotted running on a Pixel 4 as a developers preview. The next version of Android, which will probably be called the Android 11, unless Google goes back to the alphabets then it will be called Android R. Google previewed Android Q in March, and after releasing five to six beta versions, a final official build was released in September 2019. A similar timeline for Android 11’s release could be expected this year.


You might want to stay clear of the first few releases. These are very unstable builds. The Airplane mode will become a little smarter in Android 11 and will not automatically disable Bluetooth when it is turned on as it currently does. If you are on a plane and are using wireless Bluetooth earbuds, when you activate Airplane mode Android 11 will understand that you still want Bluetooth to remain on. And Android 11 could also bring an increase in the size of videos that Android users can record from the current 4GB; in one test a 32GB video was captured without being split into multiple files.

There will be more new features and capabilities coming

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