Best Neck Strengthening Exercises

1. Resistance Exercise Routines

This exercise comprises of opposing forces, as you place your left hand on your head right above the ear. While gently pushing your head to the right, resist the push of your hand by using your neck. Repeat the same procedure with the other side.

2. Head Lift (Flat)

Lay down with your back flat against the floor and keep your shoulder relaxed. Fold your legs without lifting up your feet from the floor. Then slowly raise your head and try to reach the chest with your chin. Release your head back to normal position gradually. Repeat this lift and release routine till you start feeling the stress leave from your neck.

3. Head Lift (Sideways)

Lay down on the floor sideways and slowly start raising your head towards the ceiling. This will stretch the side muscles of your neck and release the stress and tension in the lower neck area. Repeat till it feels necessary and then switch to the other side to perform the same routine.

4. Shoulder Circles

Stand in a relaxed posture and leisurely begin to rotate both your shoulders in a clockwise direction. After completing ten rotations, switch to the counterclockwise direction and complete another set of ten rotations. Take a break of a few seconds in between sets, and repeat till necessary.

5. Neck Retraction/ Dorsal Glide

Slide your head backwards without raising your straight line of sight. Take a deep breath while performing this action, then return back to normal position while exhaling. Repeat this glide routine six to eight times a day with each session lasting about five minutes. One of the best exercises to reduce neck pain.

6. Forward and Backward Neck Tilt

Perform this exercise while sitting or standing up. Begin by slowly tilting your head down so your chin meets the chest. Maintain the position for around five seconds, and gradually return back to the normal position. Take a short pause and gently drop your head backwards as you look towards the ceiling for about five seconds. Return back to the default position slowly. Repeat this exercise five times a day for relaxing your neck, back, and shoulder muscles.

7. Flexion

Slide your head backwards without raising your straight line of sight. Lock your hands at the back of your neck by intertwining your fingers together. Gently push your head forward so that your chin meets your chest. You will start to feel a stretch in the back muscles of the neck. Stop when it starts to feel uncomfortable. Return to neutral position and repeat five times.

8. Shoulder Blade Pull

Make yourself comfortable on a stool or a chair without a backrest. Relax your shoulders and neck, then raise your arms and bend at a 90-degree angle. Move your elbows backwards and draw the shoulder blades together to gently squeeze the muscles between them. Reverse the process to return to the original position and repeat five times.

9. Rotating Neck (Four Positions)

Begin with dropping your head forward to move your chin towards the chest. Now, without returning to the neutral position, tilt your head towards the left trying to touch your left shoulder with your left ear. Proceed with dropping the head back so you are looking up. End the routine with tilting your head towards the right and touching your right shoulder with your right ear. Return to neutral position for a short break. Repeat the same process in the opposite direction, i.e. Right, Back, Left, and Front. This exercise helps in releasing stress from the neck, upper back and shoulders.

10. Hand Resistant Exercises

Place both your hands on your forehead. Start to move your head forward and oppose the force of your head using your hands. Maintain this opposing force posture for 5 seconds. Take a short break to relax and repeat 5 to 10 sets of this exercise 3 times a day.

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