Samsung Develops ‘Hand Wash’ App to Keep You Healthy & Safe

The ‘Hand Wash’ app on Galaxy Watch helps users maintain hand hygiene by periodically reminding them about it and ensuring each wash is thorough for the duration of 20 seconds in line with WHO recommended best practices. The app comes with preset reminders which users can customize further based on their needs and schedule.

Also, each time the user initiates the wash sequence, the ‘Hand Wash’ app tracks the time and provides users with haptic feedback after 25 seconds of wash cycle. Five seconds are for turning on the tap and applying soap, while 20 seconds are for actual hand wash. The ‘Hand Wash’ app also notifies users if they miss any of scheduled pit stops to the wash basin!

The ‘Hand Wash’ app allows users to track their daily wash trends to build healthy habit over a period. The ‘Hand Wash’ app is further complimented by elegant watch face, which allows users to intuitively track their daily wash routine. Moreover, the watch face also shows the elapsed time since last wash to give users a sense of alertness about their hygiene in real time.

Galaxy Watch users can download the ‘Hand Wash’ app from the Galaxy Store.

A small group of designers and developers from Samsung Research Institute-Bangalore built the ‘Hand Wash’ app – a wearable app for Galaxy Watch that prompts users to clean their hands, a key preventive attribute to stay safe.

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