Top 5 Restaurants In Malappuram

1. Hotel Delicia
 Hotel Delicia

Want to taste delicious food at a luxurious restaurant? Hotel Delicia is of the one famous restaurants in the district with elegantly designed interiors and air-conditioned dining hall. The restaurant also offers catering services to customers.

2. Airlines Celestial Family Restaurant
Airlines Celestial Family Restaurant

One of the oldest restaurants of Malappuram district, located on the Kozhikode Road, serves your esurient stomach with delicious meals prepared by certified chefs. The specialties of this restaurant are fish manthi and chicken patiala with 3 different flavors in the dish. The restaurant was established by Alavikutty and now it is managed by his son. This restaurant serves the famous food of Malappuram

3. Spicy Hut Restaurant
 Spicy Hut Restaurant

Malabar districts are always famous for its food across the country. Spicy Hut Restaurant offers a scrumptious menu which thaws the hearts of many customers. Some of the famous food of the restaurants is chicken biryani, fried rice Bukhari, shawarma and much more. It also offers a home delivery service for other veg and non-veg items to its customers.

4. Hotel Royal Plaza
Hotel Royal Plaza

The restaurant offers a variety of veg and non-veg food with a touch of unique flavors. The restaurant is popular in Malappuram districts. Have a delightful food in a pleasant and clean ambiance of Hotel Royal Plaza.

5. Hotel Surya Bhawan
 Hotel Surya Bhawan

If not a non-veg food lover, try a pure vegetarian restaurant offering South Indian dishes, Chinese vegetable food, a variety of meals, tea, coffee and much more. Make your journey a safe and healthy one by taking a pit-stop at this place.

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