10 Immunity Boosting Beverages

1. Orange, grapefruit, and other citrus
Orange, grapefruit, and other citrus

This citrus explosion by Happy Foods Tube contains more than enough of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, which protect your cells from substances that damage the body. A vitamin C deficiency can lead to delayed wound healing, an impaired immune response, and the inability to properly fight infections.

2. Green apple, carrot, and orange
Green apple, carrot, and orange

Carrots, apples, and oranges are a winning combination for helping your body protect itself and fight off infections. The apples and oranges give you your vitamin C. Vitamin A, which is also critical to a healthy immune systemTrusted Source, is present in carrots in the form of the antioxidant beta carotene. The carrots also contain vitamin B-6, which plays an important role in immune cell proliferation and antibody production.

3. Beet, carrot, ginger, and apple
Beet, carrot, ginger, and apple

This fortifying juice by Minimalist Baker features three root vegetables that’ll help your immune system and decrease inflammatory symptoms. Inflammation is often an immune response to infections originating from viruses or bacteria. Cold or flu symptoms include a runny nose, coughs, and body aches.

4. Tomato

The best way to be sure your tomato juice is fresh and doesn’t contain a lot of added ingredients is to make it yourself. Simply Recipes has a wonderful recipe that only calls for a few ingredients. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin B-9, commonly known as folate. It helps lower your risk of infections. Tomatoes also provide modest amounts of magnesium, an anti-inflammatory.

5. Kale, tomato, and celery
Kale, tomato, and celery

Kale is a staple in many green juices, but the Kale Mary Tesco’s take on a bloody Mary is truly one of a kind. Instead of cutting the taste of kale with sweet fruits, this recipe uses tomato juice, adding more than enough vitamin A. Adding some spicy horseradish to this recipe may also provide anti-inflammatory benefits

6. Strawberry and kiwi
Strawberry and kiwi

Strawberries and kiwis are other healthy options to include in a vitamin C-packed drink. Since it takes about 4 cups of strawberries to make 1 cup of juice, you may want to blend these fruits into a smoothie rather than a juice.Milk is a good source of protein and vitamin D, which is hard to come by in juices that use only fruits or vegetables.

7. Strawberry and mango
Strawberry and mango

Good Foodie’s strawberry mango smoothie is the healthy way to satisfy your cravings for a bottomless brunch. This recipe uses some frozen fruit, which packs the same nutritional punch as fresh fruit.The vitamin E from the mango and almond milk adds extra antioxidant benefits to enhance the immune system

8. Watermelon mint
Watermelon mint

watermelon rich in vitamin C and arginine which can bolster your immune system, but it also can help relieve muscle soreness. Muscle soreness is a common symptom of the flu You can also mix watermelon juice with other plain fruit juices, such as apple or orange

9. Pumpkin seed
Pumpkin seed

Many pumpkin juice recipes online include a lot of added sugars or require store-bought apple juice. It’s one of the freshest, most natural recipesIt works as a great base for fruit smoothies too.The extra health benefits are also hard to ignore. Not only will this milk boost your immune system.

10. Green apple, lettuce, and kale
 Green apple, lettuce, and kale

A vegetable-based green juice is a powerhouse of nutrients that promote a strong immune system. Throw in a handful of parsley or spinach for some extra vitamins A, C, and K.Making juices, smoothies, and nutritional drinks is one of the tastier ways to stay healthy.

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