4 Tips to Protect Eyes from Computer Screen

Considering our lifestyle, it may not be possible for a person to stay away from computers. Now, most of our work or study is related with computers. We have some eye care tips that will help you to protect eyes from computer screen. Just follow the tips provided here to completely protect eyes from computer screen.

1. Routine Eye Examination is Recommended

One of the most important eye health tips to protect eyes from computer screen is to do routine eye examination. Even if you do not use spectacles, routinely getting your eyes checked will ensure you face no eye damage.

2. Blink Frequently

To protect your eyes from irritation and dryness you should blink frequently. Staring at a computer screen for an extended length of time causes dryness in your eyes. By closing your eyes for twenty seconds, can rewet your eyes and create proper lubrication again.

3. Selecting Computer Screen

One of the key factors to protect eyes from computer screen is what computer screen you choose. CRT monitors have a high flicker rate which can compromise your eye health. One of the most important eye care tips is to upgrade your devices to the most-eye friendly variants. Switch to LCD monitors. Choose the one that has the highest resolution, as it will produce sharper and better defined images, promising good health for your eyesight.

4. Wear protective eye wear

You should wear the appropriate anti-glare glasses as per the instructions by your health care professional.

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