5 Easy Flat Abs Diet Tips

1. Avoid Processed Foods and Added Sugar

Choose whole fruits over juices, fresh over canned, and water over soft drinks. Consume bakery staples like cakes and cookies in moderation. Canned and packaged foods contain a lot of sodium and very less fiber and nutrients. Excess sodium retains more water, puffing up your belly. Stay away from sugar substitutes as well; they are only partially digested by your body.

2. Control Alcohol Intake

Alcohol inhibits fat oxidation. This means that frequent alcohol consumption can lead to higher body fat in the long term. When you drink, the liver works overtime to burn alcohol instead of fat, giving rise to terms like ‘Beer Belly’ or ‘Beer Gut.’ Also, one tends to underestimate the calories in alcohol, making it easy to overdrink.

3. Go For Flat Abs-Friendly Foods

Flat abs-friendly foods deal with the causes of belly fat, like balancing your gut bacteria, reducing gas, and preventing constipation, and contain healthy fats. Whole grains, lean protein, eggs, leafy vegetables, almonds, and green tea are toppers in this list. Get your dose of omega 3-fatty acids from fatty fish or capsules. A well-prepared cup of green tea contains catechins, which are antioxidants that claim to reduce belly fat.

4. Eat At The Right Time

The trick is never to stuff your tummy or starve. Eat something within half an hour of waking up and have a breakfast that contains whole grains and protein. Go for a filling lunch and a light dinner at least three hours before bedtime. Eat two snacks – one mid-morning and one at tea time. Having small, balanced meals does not lead to tummy bulge and keeps your metabolism up and running. The best part is that your body never goes into starvation mode, which is when it feels the need to store everything as fat.

5. Space Out Foods That Cause Bloating

Do not eat multiple servings of gassy foods in a single day since it may lead to bloating and belly bulge. The common foods in this list are broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, dried beans, and lentils. These are very healthy and have good fiber, so do not omit them. Space them out across your meals throughout the week.

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