Benefits of Blood Donation

The benefits of donating blood include good health and a reduced risk of cancer and hemochromatosis. It is important to know that human blood cannot be manufactured, people are the only source for it and that is why it is important to donate blood and help those in need.

Lowers risk of cancer

Blood donation may help in lowering the risk of cancer. By donating blood the iron stores in the body are maintained at healthy levels. According to a study, iron may cause accelerated free radical damage in the body and may be linked to an increased risk of cancer and aging. Researchers concluded that reduced iron stores caused due to blood donation may reduce cancer risk.

Blood cell production

After donating blood, the body works to replenish the blood loss. This stimulates the production of new blood cells and, helps in maintaining good health.

Prevents hemochromatosis

Hemochromatosis is a disease that arises due to excess absorption of iron by the body, according to The body ends up absorbing more iron than it needs due to either hereditary or alcoholism or anemia. Regular blood donation helps in reducing iron overload in the body.

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