OnePlus brings always-on display feature on 8 series

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has been using OLED screens for its devices since the OnePlus 3, but hasn’t offered Always-On display as a feature for its own reasons. However, the feature will be coming to OnePlus smartphones new and old in the coming weeks and months.

OnePlus has confirmed through a tweet that the OnePlus community has been asking for Always-On display as a feature. Interestingly, the feature was present on early units of the OnePlus 6, but was removed later, reportedly due to battery concerns.

For now, OnePlus smartphones have ‘Ambient display’, a feature which shows basic contextual information when the phone is lifted or the screen is tapped. This works well and leaves the screen off when not in use, but does require some action on the part of the user. Always-On display is a better implementation, since this would allow users to glance the same information without actually handling the phone. This feature could be present out-of-the-box on the new OnePlus 8 series devices, which are about to launch soon.

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