10 Best tv series

The 10 best tv series you could watch at home during the lockdown

13 Reasons Why

2017 ‧ Drama ‧ 3 seasons

Newcomer Katherine Langford plays the role of Hannah, a young woman who takes her own life. Two weeks after her tragic death, a classmate named Clay finds a mysterious box on his porch. Inside the box are recordings made by Hannah

Sex Education

2019 ‧ Drama ‧ 2 seasons

Socially awkward high school student Otis may not have much experience in the lovemaking department, but he gets good guidance on the topic in his personal sex ed course


2017 ‧ Drama ‧ 2 seasons

When two children go missing in a small German town, its sinful past is exposed along with the double lives and fractured relationships that exist among four families as they search for the kids.

The Witcher

2019 ‧ Drama ‧ 1 season

The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world in which people often prove more wicked than beasts.

The End of the F***ing World

2017 ‧ Drama ‧ 2 seasons

Based on the comic book series by Charles Forsman, “The End of the F…ing World” sees two 17-year-old outsiders, James and Alyssa, embark on a road trip to find her estranged father.

The Boys

2019 ‧ Drama ‧ 1 season

What happens when the heroes go rogue and start abusing their powers? When it’s the powerless against the super powerful.


2018 ‧ Thriller ‧ 2 seasons

A charming yet awkward crush becomes something even more sinister when the writer becomes the manager’s obsession.


2013 ‧ Action ‧ 2 seasons

An ex-con assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff in the small town of Banshee, Pennsylvania, where he has some unfinished business.

Money Heist

2017 ‧ Drama ‧ 2 seasons

A criminal mastermind who goes by “The Professor” has a plan to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history with eight people with certain abilities who have nothing to lose.


2004 ‧ Drama ‧ 6 seasons

The survivors of a plane crash find themselves stranded on a mysterious island. They are forced to work together for their survival when they realise that they are not alone on the island.

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