Snapchat’s latest AR filter

Snapchat has introduced a new AR filter that could likely go viral. It lets you transform your appearance from a baby to an old person by using a slider. The app witnessed a surge in users playing around with the baby lens that was released in May this year. The lens is rolling out globally starting today and will be available from users’ lens carousel at the bottom of their camera interface. As a new filter, it should be the first filter itself.

The ‘Time Machine’ Filter

The company said in 2019 that 7 to 9 million of its most recently added users came to the platform because of its AR filters, including its viral gender swap one. It’s easy to imagine the company wants another viral success to boost that number again.

However, the slider is only present on iOS and not on Android. And, you can only take pictures of five different levels of age groups starting from a baby to an old person.

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