Facebook launches a new meme-creation app for iOS

Facebook has released a new app called Whale for iPhone users. This app has been launched on the App Store only, and only users in Canada are able to download it for now. The new Whale app allows users to create their own memes. It lets users utilize images from their phones, apart from pre-loaded photos. They can then use text, effects, and other tools to build their memes. Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team developed the Whale app.

The free-to-use app doesn’t have any hidden subscription pricing, and allows you to use a wide variety of editing tools for creating a meme. Users can snap a real-time photo, choose from their camera roll, or browse through the library of pre-loaded images. They can then add creative text, emojis, filters, and popular effects to make the meme more contextual and humorous. These creations can then be saved and shared on social media, or message threads.

This could be a test app that may never see a release outside of Canada, or it may be launched to a broader audience once testing is complete. Currently, you can find the app on the Canadian App Store.

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