The Fastrack Reflex

Fastrack is a well-known brand in India, owned by watchmaker Titan. Apart from watches, Fastrack sells several accessories such as sunglasses. The Fastrack Reflex is an affordable activity tracker for India. The Fastrack Reflex does look quite exciting. It’s priced at just Rs. 1,995 and offers activity as well as sleep tracking. It syncs with Android and iOS devices and promises weeks-long battery life. The Reflex has a core unit that fits into the silicon band which comes in dual colours. It has black from the outside and red inside and also purple and blue variants as well. The band has a tough build but is lightweight however, it is bulky and has broad textured strap. There is metallic Fastrack branding on one of the sides of the band. The Reflex does not come with an external charger as one of the end of the core unit has a micro USB that can be plugged to any adapter. The core unit of the Reflex has a OLED display that is bright and clear enough. There is a capacitive touch control on the left side of the device that lets you navigate through the display. The sunlight visibility of the display is also good. You can customize the information you want to be displayed on the band. The Reflex does’t have a heart rate monitor so there are no sensors on the back of the core unit. The device is water-resistant, which is a good addition.


The Reflex has a dedicated app for Android and iOS. The UI has a dark black and fluorescent green theme. You can connect to the Reflex by switching on the Bluetooth on your device. The pairing process was seamless without any glitches. Once you add your basic information like name, age, gender, height and weight, you are good to go. The app is laggy and navigation is not very smooth which needs to be improved with updates and bug fixes. The app shows steps, distance, calories burnt. You can control the information that you want to see on your Reflex via the app. The device comes equipped with a sedentary reminder, which notifies users if they have been stationary for long intervals. You can also set vibrating reminders for various occasions such as Date Night, Gym, Party, Play and so on. The app details distance, steps, calories and sleep measurement with a semi-circle ring that highlights as you progress towards your goal. The step tracking on Reflex was quite standard and correct most of the time. The device does not come with automatic sleep tracking as you have to manually turn the auto sleep functionality every night. The device offers usual incoming call and message alerts. Also, when you receive a call, it displays the whole number which is a nice little addition. Fastrack claims 7 days of battery life for the Reflex with continuous to normal use. Also, the device did not drain battery when it was not in use. The addition of micro USB to the core unit seems an excellent choice and no need for an external charger. Once paired, track your phone down every time and take remote control of your phone camera. These are the additional features Reflex offers to the users.


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