Top 10 Hill Stations in India you can visit

1. Munnar

This place is considered to be one of the best locations for honeymooners. The mind-blowing scenery and lovely ambiance make the area full of joy and happiness.

2. Thekkady

Thekkady has an incredible atmosphere and spectacular landscapes that make visitors enjoy the most. The hill station is mainly famous for the Periyar National Park, which is one of the best sanctuaries of India. Also, the Periyar lake and the tea plantations surrounding keeps the tourist engaged

3. Wayanad

One of the highly visited hill stations located in the hill district and surrounded by solid mountain tops.The hill area, the green surrounding, and the wide-spread paddy fields create a lovely ambiance and attract tourists all over the places. The vast waterfalls, well-maintained gardens, temples make the visitor enjoy.

4. Idukki

The hill station is part of the second-largest district of Kerala. It is one of the hill areas having the highest mountain peaks. One of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala and it has always attracted visitors around the year. The Idukki dam, with its massive structure, still gets all the attention. The wildlife sanctuary, spice gardens have become part of the entertainment for the tourists.

5. Nelliampathi

The hill station is situated on Western ghats and is on the border of Kerala & Tamil Nadu states. The Nelliyampathy hill station is about 75 km away from Thrissur in Palakkad district. The place is surrounded by mountains and Nelliyampathy hills, which form the famous Sahyadri ranges. The elevation of the hill station ranges from 467 mt to 1570 mt. The area is surrounded by tea, coffee & cardamom plantations.

6. Devikulam

The hill station is charming and located about 45 km from Idukki. It is 1800 mt above sea level. It is also one of the most visited hill stations near Thrissur . It is considered to be the most popular places which tourist prefers in Munnar tourists’ packages. The vast lake which is named as Sita lake which has become the main attraction for its magical mineral water.

7. Vythiri

The hill station offers one of the most beautiful resorts which allow tourists to have a relaxing time with friends and families. It is a small hill station having situated at 5 km from Lakkidi and 64 km from Kozhikode in Wayanad district. It has waterfalls, monuments and shrines, which is part of culture and traditions. It is a combination of old values and modern amenities. The place is surrounded by forest and plantations of rubber, tea, coffee, cardamom and pepper. The bird sanctuary allows visitors to watch a variety of birds.

8. Kotagiri

Kotagiri is a town in the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu and gets added to the list of hill stations around Thrissur due to its offbeat and scenic nature. It is one of the prettiest hill stations in India and the third largest in Nilgiri. The beautiful green landscapes offer not just beautiful scenery but opportunities for trekking and mountain climbing.

9. Peermedu

Peermedu is a hill station of Idukki district, which is situated on the fertile land and has become a better tourist place. The hill station gets attention from the tourist and is now getting the attention of the visitors. It attracts people and especially tourists from all around. The area is having a green and clean atmosphere, surrounded by striking waterfalls, gardens, plantations of tea, coffee and rubber. Also, the farms of cardamom, pepper, pine forests and grassy green lands get all attention,

10. Bellikkal

One of the tranquil and offbeat hill stations near Ooty, Bellikkal is known for its peaceful atmosphere, enchanting vistas and lush greenery making it  an ideal destination for a rejuvenating weekend getaway. Sitting at an altitude of 5000 ft above sea level, this humble hamlet is thriving with thick forests, overwhelming elegance and soul soothing tranquility.

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