Jatayu Earth Centre – The worlds largest bird sculpture is the new attraction of India, which is in Chadayamangalam, Kerala . This is the masterpiece creation of Mr. Rajiv Anchal with a dedicated work of 10 years and the message being Women safety and Honour. The destination is a combination of artistry, mythology, technology, culture, adventure, leisure and wellness put together royally the way we have never experienced. The 200 feet long, 150 feet wide and 70 feet tall sculpture is the major attraction along with ropeway and many adventurous activities make the destination ideal for families as well for adventure lovers.It is 50 kilometers from Trivandrum towards North (Cochin direction). Traveling from Cochin to Trivandrum, this is 170 kilometer from Cochin, 114km from Alleppey and is 40km from Kollam. We started from kollam and reached there within 2 hours after stopping for breakfast. There is no manual ticket booking available all the bookings are done through online portal with different time slots with a charge of Rs.400/- per person including rope car ride. After security checks we were able to enter the main gate. There are cloak room where you can keep your things. Then we were instructed by the the staff to get tagged based on the time slots to enter the rope car.

This was my first rope car ride i enjoyed it at lot the view the thrill was just awesome, and i know that everyone will enjoy this much of an adventure. Finally we reached the mighty sculpture, the sculpture is 200 feet long, 150 feet wide and 70 feet tall, making it the largest bird statue in the world with an enter into the Guinness Book of World Records. I cant express what i saw with words, you have to see it yourself to experience it. The sculpture has some historic backgrounds, According to hindu mythology Jatayu is characterised as a noble bird in the Ramayana. While Seetha devi was being abducted to Lanka by Ravana Jatayu rushed to her rescue, stopped Ravana’s chariot named Pushpaka Vimana and engaged in a battle with Ravana. During the battle, Ravana cut off the birds left wing and went away with Sitha devi. It is said that the injured Jatayu and his lost wing landed on top of this rock. This is where the statue of Jatayu is now built. As this is a hill top the surrounding scenery is pleasing. there are also other attractons to this palace such as a pond that never goes dry, Lord Rama’s foot print etc. Next we went to Adukkalapara hill the main attraction of this hill is that you can get a helicopter ride to get a nice view of this place. After getting lunch we continued our trip.

Then you move on to a next hill called Adventure rock where you can walk through a forest with staffs and safety equipments to a adventure place where you can engage in some adrenalin pumping activities like archery and rifle shooting, Rappelling, wall climbing and more than you can imagine there is also a food court. After Engaging in some activities and clicking pictures and enjoying the view we came out with lot of memories, heartsease and satisfaction. It was one of the best destination visits we ever had. This place is the buzz of town now and is going to be one of the major tourist centre in the country. I would suggest every traveller should visit this breathtaking place once in a lifetime.

  • Nearest railway station kollam Jn
  • Nearest airport Trivandrum Internatonal Airport

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