Top 10 Dips Exercises

1. Bench dips
Bench dips

Stand with your back facing the bench and hold it on the edge. Rest your heel on the ground or put your legs on another bench of the same height and then use your arm strength to lift yourself up. This strengthens your chest, triceps and shoulder fronts.

2. Parallel bar dips
Parallel bar dips

Stand between a pair of parallel bars and hold them. Put your entire body weight on your hands and lift yourself up until your hands are completely straight and then lower your body till your arms form 90 degrees. They remarkably help in chest development and broaden the shoulders.

3. Straight bar dips
Straight bar dips

Place your hands on one bar which comes relatively above your chest and raise yourself up till your hands are completely stretched. This chest dips also works on your triceps and gives you a widened upper back.

4. Korean dips
Korean dips

The straight bar dip in which the bars are behind your back. It’s more challenging than the straight bars and requires full body strength. In this exercise you also work on your lower back, abs and glutes to prevent yourself from swinging.

5. Plyometric dips
Plyometric dips

While pushing yourself up, you just move vigorously and lift your hands and legs up, and return back to the same position. This helps your triceps muscles to achieve power and stamina.

6. Ring dips
Ring dips

Lift yourself up with your hands placed firmly on rings instead of a single bar. The rings make it extremely difficult to stabilize and thus more effort is needed. It works up the whole body but specially the arms, shoulder and the abdomen.

7. Rucksack weighted dips
Rucksack weighted dips

Wear a rucksack and add plates in it. By doing this the body weight increases and more pressure is put on the shoulders or triceps or the chest.

8. Belt chain weighted dips
Belt chain weighted dips

Wear a dipping belt and through the chain attach plates to it. This increases body weight from the center and works best for the chest and the abdomen.

9. Dumbbell between legs
Dumbbell between legs

Weighted dips in which a 10 – 15 kg dumbbell is held between the feet while doing dips. This makes it more difficult for the body to rise and thus gives better results.

10. V bar dips
V bar dips

The width of the grip and you can also change hand positions by facing them inwards or outwards. They also strengthen your upper body

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